My creative brother, editor and writer Andres Aguilar Caro, reveals what moves him.

What are you passionate about?

I surrender to everything that makes me feel, vibrate, the sensibility of the people, a good dessert, the wind when I drive my bicycle in winter, travelling, a good Cabernet Sauvignon…

What makes your profession unique?

My profession does not exist, I created my lifestyle to fit with what I like to do. I live by doing a thousand things at once and I can say that my profession is limited to feed all material and intellectual passions that satisfy me. That makes it unique, to do many things that have nothing to do with each other and in the end the only threat they have is me.

Describe yourself as a writer and editor.

I write since I am a kid, I think it was the second thing I started doing after learning to read, first there was poetry, prose and even back then small erotic stories during my teenage years, all very progressive, to reach the point of writing about music was only a domino effect of the chain of events, it was or music editor or soap star actor, at the end my boss is always going to be the same.

Describe your passion in music.

My father had a very old Grundig music system, and he made sure that each corner of the house had a speaker where you could listen to music all the time, then each one of us had their own radio cassette prepared for any style. At home the most common phrase I remember when we got back from the street was “play some music.” Growing up with my parents’ music, rancheras, boleros, merengue, vallenato from my sisters, the pop of the 80s from my brother and then the best gift of my childhood, the Thriller cassette, it is marked in my blood , like a tattoo on your brain. I know that I´d love to share the same passion the day I will be a father, a house without music is like a coke without rum, it´s still ok but it´s never complete.

What do you love about the Polaroid?

Polaroid is simply the speed, immediacy, spontaneity and energy that I could not find in digital format, which still seemed very cold and distant in spite of the many technological achievements behind it. With Polaroid photography I discovered more sand in the image, and a warm feeling in the character, and I enjoy highlighting the lack of editing, the natural living!

What is SWEATSHIRT all about?

I met Chloe and Eric on a Swiss lake, having a warm chocolate and a some pastry, contemplating the wonderful landscape, she sang to me, he put the rhythm to her voice, we smoked a cigarette and started laughing while letting ourselves fall into the grass, I gave my word that we would become famous and we would buy an island in the Caribbean and call it Isla Alegría (the story is fictional, but so is their music, it makes me dream of something better)

Describe your personal style.

I’m a chameleon and I like to absorb everything that is in the world, there is not just one style in my life that I identify myself with, I am a cosmopolitan.

Describe Barcelona as a city.

I say it very often, Barcelona is a city that gives you the chance to breathe new air, you arrive, breathe for a couple of years, and then you go out with enough energy to continue in another place, it is a fleeting city.

How would you describe your relationship with Barcelona.

I consider myself a native, part of it, as a branch of its innate nature of having foreign groups and adapt them as one more. I like to recognize myself in this city. I travel a lot, but I always feel the same thrill when I arrive on the plane and then I can recognize the streets around where I live, it makes me feel like nowhere else in the world, this is my home.

If you were to show us around Barcelona at day and night, where will you bring us? Why?

I’m on my bike all around the city, so I would suggest sites accessible by bike and that are worth walking around.

During the day:

THE PUBILLA - Plaça llibertat, 23. A right place to start the day, great breakfast and great dinners, you always feel welcomed and you are treated very well.

After a good walk down Passeig de Gracia you can stop at Kiosk - Avinguda del Marques de l’Argentera, 1a. The burgers there are super recommended for locals and tourists, but no matter what, the fact that you can customize your burger and the best quality of it deserves the recommendation.

Starting the afternoon with a paella at Barceloneta, there is a bunch of options talking about prices, colors and flavors, but ask the locals around, they always let you know where to go.

During the night:

Start with a cazalla, The Cazalla-Carrer l’Arc del Teatre, 1. The healthiest way to take more energy for the rest of the night.

A good show in El Cangrejo, and then continue at Apolo, they are my two safe bets.

Sleeping on the beach is not allowed, but you can lengthen the night to watch the sunrise and have a coffee in one of the pavement cafes at the Boqueria market, so you can go to sleep and feel you’ve squeezed the most out of a long day in Barcelona.

Photographs by Argi Hamrah Photography





I always make it a point to visit this guy whenever I’m in Boracay Island, my second home in the Philippines and undeniably the most popular island destination in the country. Oliver Köllner, founder of Boracay PubCrawl, has the natural way of making guests feel comfortable which perfectly fits his job as director of the island’s biggest party tour organizer. He’s a part of the rare breed of honorary Filipinos/Pinoys.

"I am passionate about making life easier. That ultimately reaches into any field. For me that is the ultimate quest in life. With Boracay PubCrawl, I try to make it easier for people to make new friends by providing an environment and system that aim to accomplish that…The easier you can make the things that seem hard to others, the higher you will go," the party advocate shares.



Harajuku girls in Kagoshima in the Island of Kyushu which the Travelife Magazine Team visited for a very special Japan cover shoot and TV episode shoot. Our Japan Cover comes out this month in Philippine newsstands and airport lounges in Southeast Asia. Watch out for it!


Bath, England

Get to know Seb Bates, martial artist, sky diver, entrepreneur, citizen of the world. We all come across individuals with the same energy as Seb and that one conversation with each of them is quite memorable.

How did you begin in martial arts?

I started Martial Arts in the style of tae kwon do at the age of 7. Tae kwon do is a great martial art for discipline, respect and as a light contact sport. I moved on from tae kwon do after I gained a black belt, became black belt British Champion and won several UK based competitions across several organisations. I look back fondly on my days studying tae kwon do. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic instructor and reflect frequently on his teachings when teaching my own students. 

Tell me more about Warrior Academy.

The Warrior Academy is constantly changing lives. Changing the lives of the students, the parents, the schools, and the Instructors. Watching students develop and really take on board what we are teaching, listening to parents give great feedback, and discovering students grades rise from their improved focus and self control makes all the time and energy we put in worthwhile. As we explain to parents: “It’s much more than kicking and punching…”

Our growth is rapid, from 1 club to 24 clubs in two years. I’m the director but I don’t do this alone. To get results like that, we have a fantastic team. We willingly put high amounts of pressure on ourselves and set large, unrealistic goals.

Despite the growth rate we are so focused on customer service that we are not succumbing to the same fate many rapidly expanding businesses do. Our customers are not neglected. In fact, we are so conscious of this we even have a full-time employee whose focus is purely customer service. 

We are a young organisation and we keep it fun, at no point does what we do feel like ‘work’. Take our most recent advertising campaign as an example. It involves jumping out of a plane and skydiving with a Warrior Academy wing suit. We are different because to us this is just great fun, not work. 

The future? More students, bigger events, a wider more international audience, systemised integration within compulsory education and the inclusion of extreme sports. We have been around for two years. Thinking what we can do within five years puts a smile on my face.

Tell us about your first time in skydiving.

COLD. My first time skydiving was in January 2011 in Oxfordshire, England. Most people do their advanced free fall course in the sun, mine was in the snow! I had great banter with my instructors after spending most of my waiting time in the pubs surrounding the airfield. After several weekends of camping in the snow, the clouds cleared and I finally got my chance to jump. The feeling was amazing. You never do remember all the details of your first jump, too much adrenalin. 

Since then, I can’t get enough of it and have made a further 250 jumps from planes, helicopters and hot air balloons in 3 continents. 

What’s your relationship with Bath?

If you’re in Bath, you’re in a world heritage site built by the Romans surrounded by stunning countryside. Unfortunately, you can get used to everything in life and that does not exclude living somewhere amazing. Surrounded by green countryside and valleys, Bath/yellow stone maintained throughout the city with Georgian/Roman architecture. Personally, I have lived in around 5-6 places in Bath. My family lives locally in a village to the South and I was born in Bristol, a large city to the North. 

Where will you bring us if we were in Bath?

If it’s your first time in Bath, we would have to go through the tourist check list: Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Royal Cresent, and a few museums. Watch a rugby game in the Recreation Ground, and go to the Bath Theatre. Now that the touristy stuff within the centre of Bath is done, the fun would begin. Being a big fan of pub crawls, I would gather a bunch of mates and do what we have coined “The Ale Marathon.” Cycling from pub to pub on bikes, in fancy dress, having a pint in each place at a minimum of 10 pubs. A great way to see the countryside surrounding Bath. This is not limited to bikes, canoes. Boats are also permitted along the canal which also hosts several pubs.  

What places are significant to you?

Thailand will always have a special place in my heart, the people and the culture have touched me and changed my life forever. Denmark has huge significance in my life, being half Danish, having Danish family as well as living there in the past. Another significant place far closer to home is Dunkeswel, my local skydiving drop zone in the South West of the UK. Great people, great atmosphere, fast planes and great jumping from 15,000 feet.

Visit www.warrioracademy.co.uk to know more about Seb’s endeavors at Warrior Academy.



Two words come to mind whenever I see the conceptual works and portraits of fashion & lifestyle photographer Shaira Luna: Magical realism. She simply turns real moments into daydreams. I’ve worked with Shaira since her beginnings as a photographer when I was also starting out as a lifestyle writer. It gives me goosebumps to see both us evolve into who we are right now. Nevertheless, seeing her photos always allow me and her followers to daydream.

Self portraits by Shaira Luna. Visit www.shairaluna.com to view Shaira’s works.



Featuring hot young thing, top model Pauline Prieto. Coming soon on NomadStreet.com.

Photographed by Teks Pabuayon. Shot on location at B-Side, The Collective, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.


Gold Coast

Featuring travel photographer and 21st century nomad James McGregor.

View James’s photographs on http://www.facebook.com/JamesMcGregorPhotos.



Featuring larger-than-life and organic accessories designer Farah Abu at the rooftop #FashionWeekNights Party 2 at Oz Bar, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati last night!


Bath, Somerset

"Starting and growing a business from scratch has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. It has so many ups and downs. Initially, the workload was so heavy, easily 100 hours per week with sleepless nights and no income showing. It’s obvious to me why very few people create a successful business. It’s tough but the rewards are amazing.” Warrior Academy founder and managing director, martial artist and daredevil Seb Bates reflects on the success of his business.

Find out more about him soon on NomadStreet.com. Visit www.warrioracademy.co.uk to know more about Warrior Academy.



I could say that my mind is bringing new ideas all the time. I need 48 hours a day in order to do everything I need!” Music writer Andrés Aguilar Caro of Song of the Day and IT Hunter shares a bit of what’s inside his head.

Photographed by Argi Hamrah Photography. Log on to www.polaroidoftheday.com for Andres’s Polaroid visions.